we provide four types of deliverable products

Box build and assembled Systems:

Our cumulative experience and knowledge allow us to assemble complex systems, with variety of enclosures such as metal sheet, cast, plastic, different types of cabling, optics, RF technologies, motion parts, vacuum and hydraulics and other elements. We assemble the entire range, from simple systems that have one single electronic circuit inside a mechanical case, and all the way to the most intricate systems. If necessary, we will plan means of production and match them to the product, while controlling the entire process through our stringent quality system.

Full kit delivery & inventory management:

We invite you to leverage our acquisition capabilities, and let us serve as your procurement body, providing you with the required materials, storage and inventory management services. Naturally, at the end of the process, based on prior acquisition of electronic components, we will be able to create component kits that are documented and ready for production. Our challenge is to efficiently manage material that is suited for the customer’s sales strategy and commercial forecast, using our advanced MRP system.

Assembled PCB:

For over 30 years hundreds millions of electronic components of various complexities have been assembled in Zicon for hundreds of satisfied customers. Our equipment, well defined and controlled processes and experienced team enable us to assemble most component technologies efficiently and effectively, compliant with a wide range of standards including IPC 610 Class 2 and Class 3.

Electronic Components:

BAYA DISTRIBUTION a wing of BAYA Zicon offers electronic components distribution from a wide range of manufacturers and of various technologies. With our global sourcing capabilities Baya distribution services serve the three basic needsour customers have: Obtaining obsolete components, hard to get and long lead time components and cost reduction.