Industries we serve

Baya-Zicon serves many customers who are involved in a diverse range of technologies and are active in a variety of markets. Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to adapt the required services and solutions for the technology and target markets specific to each customer and specific market segment. We develop strong relationships with each of our customers, ensuring every aspect of their product’s development is optimized to their needs, and we understand each has a highly regulated and critical environment and adopt our processes to meet their demands.


We assume the great responsibility of fulfilling the challenging special requirements of our military market customers. Among our customers in this field are leading Israeli governmental and private companies as well as the Israel Ministry of Defense. Services offered to customers of the Military industry have significantly increased since our AS9100 qualification in 2013.

Rugged, mission-critical military and aerospace applications need the sophisticated knowhow of a partner such as BAYA Zicon. As both a defense contractor and a supplier to the most recognized leaders in the market, we have expertise in your demanding and highly regulated environment.


Baya-Zicon serves a wide range of customers from the international medical device industry. The Company is ISO13485 qualified, and undergoes audits by additional international qualification bodies, such as the American FDA, TUV and others. Among the products we manufacture there are products for hospitals, Operating Rooms, invasive devices, X-Ray devices, MRI systems, and equipment for home monitoring and telemedicine.

The industrial market is characterized by very intricate products that are produced at the level of single circuits or prototypes; i.e., at the level of complete systems. Our customers demand stringent quality and precision, strict adherence to predetermined schedules, and often, long-term blanket orders.

Every market segment we work with has specialized needs — needs that require an experienced partner such as Baya Zicon. We will work closely with them to expertly engineer and manufacture their device with confidence. Among other markets we serve are: Automotive, Semiconductors, Communications, Security.