Protecting our customers through quality

Trusted suppliers

Careful selection, rigorous background checks, continuous performance measurements, suppliers’ procedures auditing and long term relations. All of these are part of our supplier certification process.

Expert testing

All of the parts we sell go through rigorous two stages test procedures using certified and qualified inspectors. Our quality control team is trained on the latest threats in our industry.

The right certifications

Obtaining the necessary certifications of our specific business is a key factor to ensure best quality on time and every time, starting from your request for quotation through the entire process.

Best personnel

Ceaseless betterment of human resources, continuous training, personal commitment and efficient communication and information sharing across the organization.


Material inspections are vital to our quality system!

To ensure quality products for our customers, our certified inspectors perform a two stage inspection on incoming materials. Each stage consists of several tests

Stage 1:

  • -Quantity
  • -Manufacturer part number
  • -MFG
  • -Date codes
  • -Lot codes
  • -ROHS and MSL
  • -Physical conditions inspections
  • -Packaging
  • -Barcode verifications

Stage 2:

  • -High resolution microscopy verify original markings and to examine for evidence of non-conformances
  • -XRAY verify die placement, broken wire bonds,
  • -Dimensional inspections of components
  • -Electrical testing to verify out of circuit values on capacitors
  • -Top ink mark permanency testing
  • -Acetone testing for evidence of remarking/resurfacing
  • -Digital photo documentation
  • -Solderability testing.

Stage 3:

This testing stage is optional and carried by an external qualified testing lab.


BAYA distribution strive to achieve the best performance by thoroughly and accurately put into practice the industry most relevant quality standards underlying our quality management system. BAYA management is closely involved with the quality management system and continuously encourage the entire company to achieve the top quality standards necessary. The resulting quality certifications are a proud reflection of our core business practices.