Since its inception in 2004, Baya Technologies Ltd. has offered supply chain solutions and distribution of electronic components. Baya’s swiftness and flexibility translate into short response times and creative solutions while insisting on first-class engineering and quality standards.

Baya Technologies’ component distribution activity is separate from its supply chain and production activities. Baya is your best source for raw materials’ cost reduction and shortening lead times. We are at your service, ready to address problems related to the supply of unique and difficult to obtain components, as well as cost reduction challenges.

The unique combination of Baya and Zicon’s activities distinguishes us and promises you, our customer, the best solution for your specific needs. The integration of both companies under the one roof gives us a significant advantage in this competitive market.

The Baya-Zicon Group specializes in providing supply chain and electronic production solutions, as well as distribution of electronic components. The group consolidates the activities of the companies Baya Technologies Ltd. and Zicon Ltd. The synergy between the companies allows the group to provide solutions and quality added value services to a wide variety of customers.